Custom-Designing Security Systems for Ensured Protection

The Tanner Hoskins Consulting LLC offers top-tier security consulting, ensuring practical advice and recommendations for those we serve. We have created a wide variety of efficient designs for municipal and commercial use.

Correctional Facilities

Our company specializes in creating security system designs for minimum to maximum security correctional facilities. We also design security systems for the following:

  • Jails, Prisons, and Detention Facilities

    • County and City
    • State
    • Federal

  • Inmate Housing

  • Juvenile Justice Centers

Law Enforcement Facilities

Our team is trusted for designing electronic security systems for courthouses and judicial buildings. We customize our work to the needs of each unique municipal structure, ensuring durable and efficient installations at all times.

Offices and Hospitality Buildings

We have a wide variety of premium-grade security and communications systems for clients in the hospitality industry. Our systems are ideal for buildings such as hotels, office spaces, and much more.

Multi-Family Projects

We also have a variety of designs for residential and mixed-use developments. Each design is made to ensure cost-efficiency, so each property gets optimal security at reasonable fees.

Schools and Educational Centers

We strive to elevate safety and security in schools nationwide. That is why we strategically design systems for institutions of various sizes, protecting kids from K-12 and those in higher education.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Our specialists offer security design and consulting for medical centers, continuing care facilities, and retirement communities. We custom-engineer systems that work to ensure efficient management throughout each facility.

Ask About Our Systems

For more information on the security systems we design for our clients, reach out to our team today.